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Civil Society – a Fair Play Actor of European Union

January 2016 - June 2017


"... The methodology used is based on the reality of the actual society and promotes collaboration in finding solutions and solving the challenges in sport and not only..." (Asoltanei Loredana Elena) read more

"... We have proposed to develop more sportive activities in schools, in the local communities. We will organize sportive contests, will disseminate at the organisation and develop small sports clubs." (Cazan Florica) read more

"The Civil Society Cup created a unique background of cooperation among civil society representatives all over the country, public authorities and formal education representatives as well from different sectors of activity with the common purpose of valuing and promoting the grassroots sports and their multilateral benefits at individual and community level..." (Cătălina Aghiniței) read more

"...The days spent here have charged me and gave necessary to remember that sport is a great part of life and everyone should take time to play sports. " (Simeon Vanov) read more
I have never exercised regularly, even in physical education classes, but this sports project gave me another perspective on sport. ..." (Blagovesta Andonova) read more

Topics such as benefits from the sport – with emphasizes on the grass sports and outdoor activities, active civil society, non-government sector, importance of trusted partnership, structured dialog, multiculturalism and youth engagement layered the foundation of the three days in Teteven’s municipality. read more

I found this event so inspiring and now I know that we have many sports clubs in Črnomelj for which I even didn't know. Since I am not that sporty, aerobics or zumba will be perfect for me! Thank you, MC BIT for this! (Lana) read more

Promoting sport, healthy lifestyle and hanging out with friends on a fresh air – priceless! We did something really good for our local community. (Jure) read more

"...The event afforded me the opportunity of meeting new people and working with them. The trainers/coaches and project team were excellent as we learnt various practical tennis skills." (Patani) read more

"Competing in the ‘’Tennis Championship/Competition’’ was challenging and enhanced my self-confidence.A well-packaged event; brought out the best of my tennis skills and abilities." (Oswani)

"V2020’s Civil Society Cup event was the flagship Tennis Championship event encouraging integration that enabled all members of the community to congregate to network, bond, encourage wellness, healthy living and healthy competition, bringing in real change among all groups within the community, as it was  designed, prepared and implemented by all within the local community..." (Cllr Bernard Stone) read more

"... I think that we have to work more to explain these values to kids from their childhood, as sometimes today the sportsmen are not the best role models. Today’s activity is a good tool"  (Fabrizio Presidente) read more
"Sport means having fun, relaxing, freeing your mind from the everyday routine. I love cycling and I do it a lot in my free time..." (Marco Mura) read more

"It’s a very important moment of sport and socialization for our town, a way to live and enjoy the city in an unusual way. We have today an impressive number of people participating to compete or just enjoy cycling (...) This initiative fits perfectly, it’s a useful tool for dialogue among people in our community that can show how big we are"  Yuri Marcialis (Deputy for Youth and Sport of the Municipality of Cagliari) read more

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