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Testimonies UK

Project in UK


Civil Society – a Fair Play Actor of European Union

January 2016 - June 2017

TESTIMONIES in Manchester, United Kingdom


Participants’ Testimonies

Very satisfactory and very good it improved my tennis skills, enhanced my confidence and esteem.The project was quite empowering, physical and revealing. Highly practical and inspiring. Quite rewarding. The ‘’Tennis Competition/Tournament’’ sessions were wholesome. (Runoh)

The ‘’Tennis Competition’’ was involving, inspiring, creative and very challenging bringing out the best in me and my team members.The event afforded me the opportunity of meeting new people and working with them. The trainers/coaches and project team were excellent as we learnt various practical tennis skills. (Patani)

Competing in the ‘’Tennis Championship/Competition’’ was challenging and enhanced my self-confidence.A well-packaged event; brought out the best of my tennis skills and abilities. (Oswani)

"V2020’s ‘’Tennis Championship/Competition’’is a great initiative. I benefited immensely from the project. It has been an absolutely fantastic experience for all who have been part of it. Many thanks to the coordinator, organizers and sponsors. I hope that you continue to support and encourage members of the community through innovative projects like this. God bless you all." (Gbenga)

Organizers’ and Partners Testimonies

V2020’s Civil Society Cup event was the flagship Tennis Championship event encouraging integration that enabled all members of the community to congregate to network, bond, encourage wellness, healthy living and healthy competition, bringing in real change among all groups within the community, as it was  designed, prepared and implemented by all within the local community. With genuine local people involvement in all the project process, progress was made and transformation achieved among all stakeholders; this transformation process is inspirational while community groups’ commitment to V2020’s events/projects is ensured in future projects. (Cllr Bernard Stone

The event created a great opportunity for disadvantaged members of the community to meet with mentors, coaches, public bodies such as the Lord Mayor of Manchester, local councilors etc. in order to rub shoulders with them, discuss vital local issues, encouraging civic responsibilities and commitment to local social transformation and citizenship. As partners with V2020 on its social transformation crusade we observed with interest that young people, girls, young women and older adults within the community are so passionate about social sports activities especially tennis playing now because of the direct involvement in the Civil Society Cup organized by V2020 and other social activities within the communities. (Dr.Mrs. Esther Oludipe
, Director Highway Hope).

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