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Testimonies Bulgaria

Project in Bulgaria



Civil Society – a Fair Play Actor of European Union

January 2016 - June 2017


TESTIMONIES - in Bulgaria


Participants’ testimonies

From early childhood I have played volleyball and I went to sports camps with the school team. The level of organization, provided conditions and the atmosphere brought me back memories of the years when I have played sports actively. The days spent here have charged me and gave necessary to remember that sport is a great part of life and everyone should take time to play sports. (Simeon Vanov

I have never exercised regularly, even in physical education classes, but this sports project gave me another perspective on sport. During these few days I have played sports like never before and with great desire. I felt the friendly environment and energy of all, that's what inspired me to do sports with pleasure. After that project I will probably continue to do sports like tennis or fitness. (Blagovesta Andonova

Organizers and partners testimonies

From organizers perspective we are more than satisfied with the result we get. We were able to develop a culture of better understanding the sport and healthy life along with its benefits for building an active civil society. We’ve conducted several round tables and debates during and between the actual sports which led to great proposal that we are hoping to be realized and see their future even after the end of the project. Topics such as benefits from the sport – with emphasizes on the grass sports and outdoor activities, active civil society, non-government sector, importance of trusted partnership, structured dialog, multiculturalism and youth engagement layered the foundation of the three days in Teteven’s municipality.

We set the focus on all of the above topics with high engagement of all of the participants, partners and sponsors of the event. Although the sport tournament which we’ve organized was on local soil here in Bulgaria we’ve managed to draw further experience from our European partners that are part of the Civil Society – a Fair Play Actor of European Union project. This is again proof that European projects such as this one benefits for strengthening the bond between the nations In EU.

There is also positive remarks from the partners in Bulgaria. One of the most active partners was no other than the municipality itself. We had guest from mayor’s office which expressed their gratitude and joy for being the host town of European project with such magnitude. In one of the round table they’ve conducted a short lection on the benefits of the active way of life and the sport as one of the ways to do that. Along with that a greater benefit for all the young people was to hear that the municipality’s office will be always open and willing to help any young person that has a great idea that they want to realize. In regards to the above we would say that we’ve set the foundation for one further partnership.

We as students with many friends in the sports clubs were always hearing how we should make the young people more active and that there should be ways to do that. That is why we’ve decided to take the proactive side and to give these clubs the stage for their ideas as making them a trusted partner in our tournament. Referees and coaches in the fields of football, volleyball, tennis and etc. were constantly keeping a close watch over every step that our participants undertook. They have been the valuable advisors and mentors of each individual providing them with information, rules and recommendations on how to sport not only active but safe and healthy.

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