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RO Civil Society Sport Cup

Project in Romania


Civil Society – a Fair Play Actor of European Union

January 2016 - June 2017

Civil Society Cup in Romania
7-9 October 2016, Iasi, Romania


Short description of the events

Promoted sports  
The Civil Society Cup in Iasi supported and promoted as grassroots sports the
chess, football and running.

These sports were selected based on their accessibility at mass level and as a means of supporting both the mental and physical activities.



The Civil Society Cup included events and sportive competitions that aimed to promote the role of sport for the community welfare. The activities took place within the Iasi Holidays, the 25 th edition. The event contributed to the involvement of civil society in promoting sport for all and increasing the cooperation between the main social actors. The event values the opportunities created by civil society for the promotion of grassroots sports and contributes to the recognition of competences developed through involvement in sportive activities, volunteering and activities specific to non formal education.

1. The Seminar „Promotion of active citizenship through sportive activities", at Iasi City Hall, 7 October


The seminar included the analysis of The National Strategy on Sport 2013 – 2030 – The right to an active life, the citizen in action, EU Work Plan for Sport 2014 – 2017, the Action Plan resulted at the International Training The value of grassroots sport for education and youth work – activity of the project.

Topics approached:
volunteering activities, social inclusion, combating rasism and prejudices, active citizenship, healthy lifestyle.

At the seminar the Mayor of Iasi Mr. Mihai Chirica have transmitted his support as offical representative of Iasi Municipality for the civil society initiatives of valuing the grassroots sports for the community development and have underlined the need of more activities that involve sports for their multilateral benefits such as for health, education, social committment, active participation, community involvement.

At the seminar participated the participants at the Civil Society Cup as well as mass media representatives and youth from Iasi. Thus, the seminar created a beneficial background of dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders.


2. Civil Society Cup - Chess, on Stefan cel Mare Pedestrian Street, 7 October


40 equipped tables of chess were placed on Stefan cel Mare Pedestrian Street in Iasi central area. At the competition participated the civil society representatives from 8 regions from Romania. The competition started with 25
teams and had 6 rounds.
In parallel with the competition enjoyed playing chess in amateur games different people of all ages, from 5 to 80 years old, and social backgrounds. During the event there were involved over
150 people.


During the whole afternoon the participants enjoyed creating strategies with the movements of the chess pieces, showing fair play as well as competitiveness, and above all spending qualitative time within the rewarding world of chess.  

3. Civil Society Cup - Football, “Gh. Asachi” Technical University Sports Complex, 8 October


The participants were involved in a football match, with 4 rounds of 20 minutes. The participants showed teamwork, ability of creating strategies, dynamics and mobility. All the participants received medals and certificates and the cup was offered to the winning team.


4. Workshop Promotion of sports importance at national level, Conference Room, Sport Hotel, 8 October

The participants have identified ways of developing and promoting the grassroots sports.


The results included:

  • the impact of grassroots sports in the community – health improvement, socialisation, social integration, non formal education for children, economical growth and work places, a pleasant way to spend the free time, encouragement of respecting the rules of good behavior at community level, developing a strong personality among individuals, combating sedentariness, promotion of equality of chances, initiative and creativity, combating discrimination;

  • existing needs for developing the grassroots sports – training of staff, funding opportunities, accurate legislation of encouraging grassroots sports, logistics and facilities, more projects dedicated to grassroots sports, improvement of  physical and psychical health, encouragement of competitiveness and fair play, the need of inter-personal communication and exchange of know-how;

  • necessary resources – financial resources and support for sport activities, places to practice, logistics and materials, more opportunities of involvement, human resources and initiators of grassroots sports activities, information and opportunities promoted at mass level;  

  • activities that can be implemented by the civil society for the development of grassroots sports – outdoor sport activities in public places, public – private partnerships of promoting the grassroots sports, fund raising for supporting the sportive disadvantaged youth, seminars, conferences, watching movies with sport theme, animatiions and videoclips promoted on social media and other chanells.

5. Cross of Iasi, 9 October

The participants at the Civil Society Cup participated at the Cross of Iasi – Ia’si Alearga. The Cross was organized by Iasi City Hall within Iasi holidays series of events and included The children race (1,2 km), The Popular race (2,5 km), The Running Passionate race (5 km), The Champions race (8,5 km).  

Also within the cross there were involved over 24 volunteer members of
EuroDEMOS Association of all ages.


Number and profile of participants

81 participants from 5 regions of Romania.
The participants were representatives on NGOs and Associations such as sportive clubs, youth associations, humanitarian associations, technical colleges, police association, association for old people, pupils council which have as profile of activity: education (formal and non formal), sports, social inclusion, equal opportunities, youth involvement, human rights, volunteering, youth involvement.


Iasi City Hall


County Direction for Youth and Sport Iasi  


Iasi County Chess Association


Romanian Chess Federation



The Civil Society Cup involved in 3 working days 81 participants from civil society sector from 5 regions from Romania in non formal and dynamic activities which involved working in teams, debates and analysis, open discussions, brainstorming as well as involvement in sport activities such as chess, football and running. According to the feedback of the involved actors the event was a success and it is necessary to carry out more of this type of events and concentrated support and involvement for the promotion of grassroots sports. It was proven that the civil society has a very important role in promoting the grassroots sports and to make it attractive and accessible for all and with cooperation, dedication and involvement it is possible to bring a positive social change in our communities.

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