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Awareness campaign

Project in Italy

Civil Society – a Fair Play Actor of European Union

January 2016 - June 2017



Movie of the Civil Society Sport Cup
Brochure translated in Italian

(3 April 2016)

Vivicittà is a sport event running at the same time in 43 towns in Italy and 11 in the world, including cities such as Paris (France), Osaka (Japan) and Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), set to enjoy the beauty of running in the town and aimed at anyone willing to participate. In Cagliari it includes an half-marathon competition for athletes, a kids’ run and a non-competitive run for all, where you can see running together just for the pleasure of doing sports in the city many people coming from different social and economical backgrounds, as well as elders, people in wheelchair, young mothers with their kids on a trolley and such. Thanks to our partnership with UISP (Italian Union Sports for All) we provided stickers and info leaflets to all participants (2000 people).


(16 February 2016 –
16 April 2016)

The Spartan is a martial arts event held in Cagliari in the gym "Area 21". The main idea is to provide training to a group of people (men and women) that have never competed before in a match, making them become a cohesive group of athletes able to take part in a real sport event. Sports performed include Jiu Jitsu, Boxe and Muay Thay. We have been involved both in the training part and in the final event


(14-15 May 2016)

ISK is an event for all the lovers of sailing sports as well as different sports that can be done in the water (surf, kite, diving, canoeing, and more). It includes a sailing competition, a fair for different sport organizations to promote their work, and several workshops where everyone, from children to adults, can try and learn about different sports. We have been taking part with an information point providing our information and delivering leaflets.


(27 May 2016 – 7 June 2016)

Ateneika is the annual event of the University of Cagliari Olympic Games. Students from different faculties can create teams or be teamed up with people from same courses and take part in a multitude of disciplines, such as football, tennis, volleyball, basketball, athletics and more, with 1600 athletes competing and over 10000 youngsters attending the event throughout its duration. Our staff has taken part as well and started a solid cooperation with the Ateneika team, that left us the space to build up an info point for our project and the Civil Society Sport Cup.

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